#381 - Stranger Sofas

Sat, July 04, 2020 3:23 PM

Was gonna post this when I started working on another comic. Well I'm working on another comic. Made this one quite a while ago while expecting a new site with some other people. So the art is a bit out of date. The next one will be entirely In Clip Studio. Which is my hole it was made for me.

You might notice there are no Ads. I don't know how to manage ads in a way that isn't information peddling. They've changed a lot from when I've started. Don't think I'm okay with what they are anymore.

Also not de-listing Super Effective. Just forgot to link to it. Peace.

Tues, May 12, 2020 7:08 AM

Temporary site while we get the wordpress one up and going and WHOA AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. It's been a bit since I updated and I needed to take the break. I talk about it a bit more on my twitter but that's about all I'm willing to share. It was a dark time that I've learned from and I absolutely did not want to tell jokes during. (I also do ask for privacy, as that's all I'm willing to share, thanks) Fast forward to now and I do feel like making things again. Drawing porn was good as it took my mind off being funny. Now I enjoy getting better at it. It's something I think I can be good at. It's also introduced me to Clip Studio which has been INVALUABLE. If you're using Photoshop to draw, you NEED to try it. But yeah, sorry for not being here for a while. Needed to be away and thank you for sticking around. :)

Working on a few scripts but I am still a bit rusty. Main project is a story I'm doing on Patreon. It's a story about when they first moved together. It'll be released on here when it's done but it might take a bit to finish. And of course I'm doing the LEWDS. My twitter for that is pretty active for updates. But yeah between a shit start to the year and lockdown it's been hectic. ^_^; Always a scramble for time but, I hate the idea of not creating. So I fill the free time with art.

Super Effective sadly I can't continue. Time/motivation just isn't there. Thank you for taking the time to read it. :)

Now... Lets just hope this all uploads correctly.