Testfile Sept 24th 2001

This is the Remixed version of this old comic. Commentary:

What?! I'm not the first person to do that in the game... see! Commentary:

Poking fun at an old Abbott and Costello bit. 'It's Lubu!!' and Zhang Fei of Dynasty Warriors. Commentary:

It says 'Windmill Shuriken', you silly people. It's Ninja Gaiden afterall :D Commentary:

The last part of the Open mic night series. To avoid confusion that's the ninja's star from the previous comic. Also that's Psy of Team Spirite. :) Commentary:

Guest comic for Walking is Still Honest. Diba diba. Commentary:
May 15th 2003

Guest comic for Brian's awesome mini series, Dynasty Memories. Just an awesome guy for actually posting it. Commentary:
May 29th 2003

Smurgen was the one who got me playing the game so, seemed only fitting to put him in :) Commentary:
June 23rd 2003

Chatting with Khuffie when he came up with the idea for this comic.

Khuffie 'You know what they should call it?'
Scott 'Wha'
Khuffie 'Resident Evil OutBreak Toronto'
Scott 'Bwhahaha! That's awesome.. *steals*'
Khuffie 'Nooooo!' The alternate ending to this comic can be found over here. Commentary:

The iorny in this comic is that I'm very, VERY bad at responding to my e-mail. Payne still makes me chuckle though. Gunbound is fun, free(well at the time I'm writting this), and a moajor time killer. Also because I get asked this soooo much, my screen name is 'ScytheBoy'. . .