About the Site

Welcome aboard the USS VGCats.com, this is a website! Now that you're here you'll find escape is impossible. Unless you know.. you just go somewhere else. *Cough* Well enough of me rambling. On to the site.. and more of me rambling.

Basically VG Cats, or Videogame Cats, is a webcomic about videogames along the lines of Penny Arcade. Though the last year or two I've tried to focus the comic towards Video Games parodies rather than two gamers. And totally random stuff when I'm bored.

hich brings me to the first thing you probably noticed, those guys are cats! Based off my own kitties (in name only :B). They are;Leo the grey guy and Aeris the pink one. Also filling out the cast is the spawn of the underworld Krug, and defender of pants Pants Man. As well side characters such as Dr. Hobo, Johnny, Major Payne, and Ternaldo.

More information on the comic and characters can be found in the Wiki.

If you've got a question check out the FAQ and see if it's already answered. Of course you can always contact me failing that.

Here are a few good comics to start with if you're new here. All other comics are available on the archive page. Along with the game parodied listed beside the comic.

That's all for now, hope you enjoy the site!